Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A Much Needed Update!!

The Osborne Family
has been very busy these last few months. We never seem to loose momentum in life. Being an active and outdoor family keeps us all happy and smiling! The pictures below are just a few of the adventures we have been on lately!! Enjoy
Box Canyon
My little man.....he makes me smile

Daddy and the kids looking at a Big Horn Sheep! (seriously)

My Handsome Hubby!!

Boys, Guns and Animals....need I say more? (Rob, Chris and Bryan)

Bryan and his Jeep climbin away

Chris' Jeep. There is NO stoppin this one!

The sign says Do Not Enter for a reason. Do you think we entered?? Of course we did....all 8 of us. The pack of skunks let us know inside that we should not have went in!

Bryan going down

Totally normal for our group...dont worry!!

Cinders Trip

Chloe kept us all entertained all weekend. She always does!

Makenna and Dad watchin the cinder drags

Kim and Chloe playing in the Cinders

My sweet sweet children!!!

This pic is my favorite!!

All 6 of the kids had a blast on this tree that had fallen over.

So we got stuck....big deal, right?? It only took an hour and 800 different ideas coming from 11 different people to get us out without rolling down the hill.

Our friends that we go on all these trips with are some of the most genuine people we have ever known. It would not be the same experiences without them. Thanks Chris, Bryan, Kim, Mario, Jessica and all the kiddos!!!!

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